Retreats and Workshops
The Equine Therapy approach is a unique journey that opens up awareness, understanding and lasting change. Horses can be powerful teachers who give us gentle, detailed insights into our life through their willing interaction. Start excelling with Equine-assisted therapy by shifting old perceptions and gaining new insights. Come enjoy a weekend focused on you! Meet other women and have the time of your life rediscovering all your potential! A truly unique, weekend ranch retreat offers a personal growth experience. Learn about yourself in an outdoor classroom with beautiful horses! These gentle mentors are masters at helping you gain valuable insights. All interactions are on the ground, no riding, and no experience needed. Evenings are spent around the campfire sharing insights, laughter, and s'mores. Learn about yourself by challenging yourself in a supportive and caring environment. You deserve this opportunity to unbridle your potential.
This isn’t a riding retreat, and you don’t need any experience with horses. Even if you’ve never been close to a horse before, you will be profoundly touched by our four-legged therapists!
Family & Group Counseling
It can take months to understand a family’s dynamics in an office setting. Yet one afternoon working with horses can shine a light on dysfunctional family practices. Bringing the family to the ranch to participate in experiences with these amazing horses may increase the willingness of other members to participate.​
Relationship Counseling
Time spent out on the ranch with the horses offers a unique experience. Working together with the horses, communication skills improve, while destructive patterns become recognizable and new ways of relating can be explored. LGBTQ couples are welcome.​
Youth Leadership Camps
Each child will be assigned their very 'own' horse for the duration.  They will be responsible for  feeding, grooming, and yup,  even the stall cleaning of their horse. The riding part of our program focuses on building confidence, developing leadership and practicing respect for animals and each other.  They will learn to handle their horse both from the ground and in the saddle. All levels of riding can be accommodated. Horses are also used for equine assisted growth and learning. These are unique experiences where the kids interact with the horses and each other with the goal of developing positive life skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork.
All of our camps are sleep away camps, supervised 24/7.  The away-from-home experience of staying in a bunkhouse with a bunch of their peers contributes to self-esteem, self-confidence, and a whole bunch of giggly memories. Evenings always involve the roasting of marshmallows and age-appropriate games that promote group cohesion, compassion, and positive talk. Our camp counselors are experienced, college-aged, and ideal mentors and role models. The camps' riding and equine assisted growth and learning activities are always facilitated by Executive Director Marybeth Wiefels.
Part of our mission statement is that no child will ever be turned away from camp. Call us and we will help you make it happen.
Junior Leadership Camp  
All-inclusive 3 day sleep away camp! Focus is on confidence building, conflict resolution, and teamwork. Kids are provided their very own horse for the weekend and with this gentle equine teacher they will learn about trust, kindness, responsibility, and leadership. The students will learn valuable life skills through working with horses and each other.
If your youngster is nervous about overnighting at the ranch, they can always overnight at home.
Weekend Girls Camp
This 3 day 2 night summer camp is perfect for the younger girls. No horse experience is necessary. They will learn horseback riding and all about caring for their very own horse. Team building activities build confidence and self-esteem. Hiking, scavenger hunts, and nature education all provide opportunities to learn and explore their world. Starts Friday with the parent luncheon orientation and goes through Sunday afternoon when the girls will put on a horse show for their parents.
Teen Leadership Camp
This 5 day 4 night sleep-away camp focuses on self-esteem, the importance of kindness and empathy, good decision-making, and how to be a leader among one's peers. This is an absolutely unique program you will not find anywhere else. The combination of equine facilitated coaching and teambuilding activities is designed to develop essential life skills as well as be fun and full of laughter. The students will also learn to care for and ride their very own special horse for the week. A maximum of 12 girls ensures no one is ever left out.


Special Needs / Therapeutic Riding
Can help those on the autism spectrum, ADHD, special needs and TBI's
Therapeutic Riding Program


Veterans and First Responders
If you are a veteran or first responder, please take some time to view  these videos.
Horses are an excellent therapy for people who suffer from complex PTSD.
Eagala's model in action


Helping a veteran heal from PTSD


Healing the invisible wound


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